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I need your support

K. Steven Monk
Webmaster/Owner, ConfederateAmericanPride.com

In the years that I have been building the Confederate American Pride website, a lot has changed with the site. From its simple beginnings as a Geocities free site it has moved into its own domain name site on the World Wide Web. Innumerable resources and volumes of information about our Southern heritage have been added to its pages, and this ongoing project continues in order to make this site a valuable tool in the fight to save our heritage. As you might well imagine, this expansion into a leading resource of information for Southerners has not been without its costs, all of which have been borne by me personally. And from year to year these costs keep going up.

So, folks, I could sure use your help. I know that you have to make a living just like I do, and that money is tight right now. But any amount, however small that may be, would be greatly appreciated and will go a long way towards helping me to continue in this work.

Thank you for your support.

K. Steven Monk

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K. Steven Monk
P.O. Box 53
Tate, GA 30177

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